Gaming Gadgets

We don’t have any gaming gadgets at home. We don’t have iPad, PSP, PS3 or XBox but I have heard about zumba kinect. Many mommies have mentioned how they loved doing their Zumba workout at home and how it has helped them lose weight and keep in shape. We are keeping these gadgets away from our home as I want my kids to love reading books more than using gadgets and playing games on them, aside from the fact that they are quite expensive. Hopefully, before they ever have these gadgets, they would develop reading habits first.

The Headphone

Whenever we watch movies or TV series on our laptop, we always use headphones so we can appreciate the movie. We don’t have speakers here in our bedroom and most of the time, the kids are already asleep so we don’t want to wake them up with loud noises. We used to have earphones but after 3 years, it has finally bid us goodbye. It is time to purchase new ones! So before buying, we checked out headphone reviews first. What we are looking for is durability and quality. The headphone should be comfortable to wear on the ears, has stereo sound and is durable. It is important to us, since it can make or break a movie.

Digital Gadgets

Last year, hubby got me a very expensive gift! I think its the most expensive gift he has ever given me, He got me a Canon DSLR Camera. He knows that I love capturing photos and it has really given great pictures! Though I have not really mastered photography… but I would certainly love to learn more so that I can utilize it to the fullest. Someday, when I get some money, I would love to get a camcorder so that I can record his preaching during Sundays and the kids moments too.