Home Economics and Livelihood Education Topics

HELE.001If your child is in grades 4-6, HELE or Home Economics and Livelihood Education is part of the required subjects they need to take for school. After doing some research, I found out that the topics taught in this subject include the following:

  • Health & Personal Hygiene
  • Clothing & Accessories
  • Learning Embroidery
  • Managing a Home
  • Caring & Furnishing the Home
  • Caring for the Sick
  • Cooking for the Family
  • Table Setting
  • Sewing
  • Safety in the Home
  • Leisure Time
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Food Preservation
  • Computer Education

I realized that most topics are part of the important life skills each person must learn while growing up. We incorporate our daily activities at home and give them opportunities to practice these different skills. Through the years, my daughter has learned most of the skills like embroidery, furnishing the home, caring for the sick, table setting, sewing, safety in the home, computer education, clothing & accessories, and personal hygiene. Though she still needs to further improve in food preservation and cooking and  entrepreneurship. Soon, it will be my son’s turn to learn these skills as well.

This subject is learned best while being practiced. Homeschooling has allowed us to teach these skills on a daily basis making it less boring and allowing the student to realize how important these skills actually are in their daily life.