Here to Help Learning Review

We are given a full year access to the digital product of Here to Help Learning homeschool writing program in exchange for our review. My 9 year old son used the Flight 2 Paragraph Writing program throughout our review period. He is currently in 3rd grade.

Here to Help Learning Review
Here to Help Learning is a Christian based, filmed instruction, online streaming writing program. Through Ms. Beth Mora’s lively videos, the program engages both the teacher and the student to participate in the writing program.

Ms. Beth Mora, together with her husband, Forrest Mora has homeschooled their own children and worked on different co-op settings and Bible study groups. They created Here to Help Learning to help provide other families all the help so that they can successfully homeschool their own children.

The Flight 2 writing program consists of 32 lessons.  There are other Flights available. The Flight 1, 2, 3 Paragraph writing is for younger students in grades 1-3 while Flights, 1, 2, 3 Essay Writing are suited for the upper grades, grades 4-6. The 32 lessons are good for one school year of teaching and there are 6 writing projects per Flight. Each writing project covers a different type of writing including narrative, descriptive, expository, persuasive and poetry.



The recommended schedule for using this program is 2 days. The first day is for viewing the filmed instruction for 45-60 minutes. This includes breaks for activities. The second day is for the student to work on the independent work called “Flying Solo”. The length of time for the second day depends on the student’s ability to work.

Every filmed instruction has 5 parts:

Pre-flight checklist, flight check-in, take-off, full throttle and flying solo assignments.

The Pre-Flight checklist gives the student and the teacher a list of supplies needed for the upcoming lesson. The Flight Check-In reminds the students of the reason why he needs to do his work to the best of his abilities. A memory verse is flashed as well. The Take-Off is the activities section prior to the actual lesson. For the Paragraph Writing level, there are games or activities which helps the student warm up to the writing process. Full Throttle is the main lesson discussion and the Flying Solo gives the instructions for the individual work.


The program can work for individual students but it can also be used to teach multi-level especially if the kids are just a year apart. It can also be used for teaching co-ops.


Here to Help Learning Review
Since this is an online streaming filmed instruction series, you just need to ensure you have access to a stable internet connection whenever viewing the lessons. For the students, you would need to have printed certain pages for the worksheets.

How We Used This Product

We followed the recommended usage so we accessed the lessons 2x per week. The first day, we did all the activities except for the flying solo assignments, which we did on the second day. It was overwhelming at first but eventually, my son got used to the lively videos and eventually  enjoyed the lessons. We printed only certain parts of the worksheets and didn’t print everything as we referred to the files on the computer instead.

Here is a sample of his list!


We printed the different pages of the worksheets. Since my son is a visual learner, I wanted him to remember the writing process by letting him see the process easily. He also is an auditory learner and he easily memorized the different steps because of the repeatedness and the unique way Ms. Beth Mora presented this lesson.

writing process

What I Thought of The Product

This is a good product for children who are visual and auditory learners. If your child easily gets bored with the usual writing program, then this product would be worth a try! Don’t expect that your child will be doing the work all by himself though. In my child’s case, I had to be with him as we watched the film and helped him do the activities. I had to prompt him on what needs to be done and what sort of activities is expected from him.

I also believe that the end goal of being able to write well by going through the writing process is achieved by going through the lessons. Each lesson was able to discuss the process in-depth and ample amount of practice enabled my son to write more interestingly!

I also liked it that the FAQ section from their website is fully loaded with information. All my questions were answered and I easily understood what was expected from me so that we can maximize the homeschool writing course from Here to Help Learning.

Where to Get This Product

For International users like me who wants to get the physical copies, go to Rainbow Resource. Otherwise, you can just go to their website and subscribe monthly.  Monthly membership fee is only $6.99. If you want to try the product first, you may apply for a free one day membership.

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Here to Help Learning Review

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