Electric Grills

One of the wedding gifts we received when we got married several years ago was an outdoor electric grill. Because hubby and I love eating and cooking together, this was one of the gifts that we really liked. Probably because I am not good with coals, I also prefer to use outdoor electric grill. It is less messy and produces less smoke since we are an asthmatic family, the smoke is not really good for us. So over the years, it is one of the gifts that we truly appreciated!

Planning to Purchase

I think I have mentioned a few months ago that we really need a new electric fan here at our house. Well, just to give you an update, we were finally able to buy a new one 2 weeks ago! It was just in time because our other electric fan broke down already. We still need to buy one more so this is something we need to budget for again. It would be great if there are discount coupons that i can use like aj madison coupons. That would definitely be a saver!

AJ Madison sells major appliances with coupons, discounts and great deals! It is always a plus
whenever I can do online shopping. I don’t have to spend much time on traveling or traffic! I can look around the store and choose which is best for our budget with no pressure.
Anyway, I also want to purchase a bookshelf soon. Do you have any suggestions where I can buy not too expensive but reliable bookshelves?

Electric Fan

One of the most common household appliances here in the Philippines is an electric fan. In fact, most households would have at least 2 electric fans! There are several fans which can be found in one’s home. Stand fans, desk fans and ceiling fans are quite common. I am actually scouting for a fan for our living room since our fan’s push buttons are no longer functioning.The Minka Aire Concept II fan is one of Minka Aire’s most popular ceiling fans. It comes with a 100W Halogen bulb with a cap, so that you can choose to cover the light if it is not in use. I think it’s a very innovative and creative concept! It also comes with a remote control system so that you can operate the fan from anywhere in the room. Another plus factor is that it is quite easy to set up. It is ideal for low ceiling environments. It comes in different colors like white, brushed nickel, maple, mahogany, and oil rubbed bronze.Hopefully, I can find this fan if not a similar one that would suit our living room! Having a broken fan can be quite dangerous especially when I have a toddler in the house!