Learnings from Homeschool Curriculum Online Summit 2017

A month ago, I signed up for the free Homeschool Curriculum Online Summit. I was looking forward to learning more about homeschooling  since I am now homeschooling a 7th grader! The summit was accessible online and was available from May 3-10.

The summit started with a keynote session from Davis and Rachael Carman talking about preparing for a Christ-centered homeschooling. Then every day, there were several sessions tackling particular subjects like Math, Science, Language Arts, History and Finding the Right Tools for You. I wasn’t able to listen to all the sessions but was able to catch a few of the sessions.

I listened to Tom Clark as he talked about “But Algebra isn’t the same as Arithmetic! What do I do now?” I learned that math shouldn’t just be something that the children memorize but internalize. The curriculum we use should help the children understand and learn the “whys” of the different math concepts. I also learned that when the children find out what went wrong in the equation or the answer, it helps them remember the concept more than just correcting the math problem for them.

Diana Waring was such a bubbly speaker as she talked about “The Timeline of Teaching History to Your Children”. It reminded me the following truths in learning history:

  1. There are always 2 sides to a story. Even in teaching history lessons.
  2. Use various sources for history.
  3. Use wisdom when to introduce hard topics like the Holocaust
  4. Walk through the history at least two times.

I hope that the Homeschool Curriculum Online Summit will be an annual event as I really learned a lot from the few sessions that I was able to attend. I am looking forward to more homeschool conferences, as they say learning never stops!