A Homeschool Mom’s Year End Thoughts

We have just finished our school year this week, though they still need to present their portfolio projects to their respective academic consultants in TMA this week and take their OLSAT exams.  In the past 5 years we have been homeschooling, this is the first time that it took us until the end of April to finish our school curriculum. There were a lot of activities including ballet, football and sickness that kept us busy during the last few months of the school year. Yet I thank the Lord for the wonderful privilege of teaching and guiding my kids. I have witnessed  my daughter develop her creativity and resourcefulness, and my son persevere in difficult circumstances.

Time passes by so fast and my daughter will be an incoming 6th grade student and my son in 3rd grade. As I look back at all the years we have been homeschooling and my heart is full. Memories of reading aloud, craft making, experiments, dictation, note taking, math problems, real life conversations, nature walks, arts and family trips fill my heart. Of course, the tears and prayers are as real too.

After 5 years of homeschooling, I am grateful that the Lord called us to this path. Hard as it may seem, I face the next school year with excitement, joy and much anticipation as to where the Lord will bring us and what He will do in us.