Homeschool Help: Homeschool Organizations

As a homeschool mom, it is of great encouragement to know that there are now many homeschool organizations which I can join and  help me should I need some assistance or support. I’m listing some of those organizations:

HAPI or Homeschool Association of the Philippine Islands  was established in 2010. The current HAPI president is Ms. Donna Pangilinan-Simpao.

Mission: To bring together homeschool leaders who will help shape the Philippine homeschool landscape.
Vision: To see home education recognised as an available and respected form of education, shaping leaders and movers who build our nation. (Info taken from HAPI website)

I personally am grateful for the efforts of HAPI to meet with DepEd and let DepEd know the needs of the homeschool community. 

HAPI’s website is


PHA or Philippine Homeschoolers Association was established in 2017. The current PHA president is Ms. Jihan Tan.  PHA  was formed by homeschool co-op families who, after experiencing the benefits of being in a community, decided it was time to give back and pay it forward.


(Info taken from PHA about page)

I am following the PHA discussions and the instagram account and it is encouraging to know that awareness about homeschooling in the Philippines has greatly increased. 

PHA Facebook page:

EFL or Educating for Life is the team of homeschool moms who came together to establish  several of the homeschool conferences in the past years. The members are Michelle Padrelanan, Sanne Unson, Mariel Uyquiengco, and Tina Rodriguez.

Mission: To provide avenues for parents to connect with one another through the various workshops, events, and seminars that are tailor-fit to the homeschool community. (Info taken from EFL website)

I have been to almost every conference that EFL has organized and I am grateful for all the encouragement and equipping workshops that I’ve been to. 

EFL Website is

HOP or Homeschoolers of the Philippines is an online Facebook community group. It currently has 14,000+ members and the founder of this group is Ms. Donna Pangilinan-Simapo

The main reason why this group was established is to be a support group for the homeschoolers in the Philippines. This group was formed in 2012.

There are many FAQ articles, activity lists and books for sale being posted. You also get to organize meet ups in your local area through this FB group. I have greatly benefited from this HOP group over the years. 

HOP’s Facebook group page: