Homeschool Programming KidCoder Web Series Review

While my 4th grade daughter was still on summer break, we were given the opportunity by Homeschool Programming to review their KidCoder Web Series.

Homeschool Programming offers self-study computer programming courses for kids and teens. Homeschool Programming was founded by homeschool parents who have a combined 17+ years of experience in the software industry. They created a curriculum tailored for homeschooled students since they couldn’t find any.

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 The KidCoder Web Series includes 2 semesters of programming lessons. The Beginning Web Design and the Advanced Web Design. Beginning Web Design teaches students to create their own web pages using HTML, and Advanced Web Design teaches students to use HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. The web series is designed for the 4th grade to the 12th grade students. No prior knowledge on programming is necessary for this courses. The student only needs to know how to operate a computer, retrieve files and navigate through file directories.


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The KidCoder Web Series includes PDF instructional documents, student activity starters,chapter tests and test answers, solution guide, and fully coded solutions for all activities. It also comes with optional intructional videos for the audio visual learners!  They also provide online FAQs and technical support for the lifetime of the course.

When my daughter started to work on Beginning Web Design series, she had no prior knowledge about HTML so I didn’t know if she would appreciate the course. I helped her install the package and taught her how to open files in Notepad and in Google Chrome. Then she started reading the PDF file and worked on the activities on her own.


Amazingly, she was able to create the Raptors website using HTML coding and even learned to customize text colors and insert images. The Beginning Web Design series consists of 13 chapters with 4 lessons in each chapter. There were some chapters that she completed in 3 days or less while there are some which took longer.

I think this is an awesome product. It was able to spark the interest of my non-technical 9 year old daughter to learn the basics of HTML programming when I didn’t have any clue how to teach her myself, considering that I am an Information Technology graduate myself. It made learning a technical subject fun and practical.

Because of what she has learned in  Homeschool Programming’s KidCoder Web Series, my daughter is already starting to create her own webpage!




The Beginning Web Design Course costs only $70.00, the video (which will be available in August) costs $20. But if you want to get the video along with the course, you can get it at the package price of $85.00 and it will be available by August!

The Advanced Web Design Course also costs only $70.00,  the video also costs $20. But if you get the video along with the course, you can get it at the package price of $85.00. This course will be available by August!

Should you decide to get both courses, you can choose to get the Web Year Pack for a much discounted price! See their webpage for more information.

I definitely recommend this to other homeschool families who want their kids to know HTML programming. It is definitely a fun way for the kids to lean but it also offers very detailed instructions providing hours of programming fun!

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