Our Humble Abode

Having lived here in Sta Rosa Laguna for the past 6 years, we have grown accustomed to the climate and to the quietness of suburban living. We live in a private subdivision and we are truly grateful to God for this wonderful place. Though it is far from perfect and we still need many house improvements like getting  wicker garden furniture or renovating the house since this house has many problems already.  I know that we are truly blessed with this house. We are located in Sta Rosa and Sta Rosa is now a city, we still enjoy the luxury of living in a place where the air is better than when we were living in the metropolis. My kids enjoy that we have a very small garden and some plants. They love seeing different insects visit our place. We usually see toads, butterflies, grasshoppers, preying mantis and beetles.  Along with the unique birds that we often see daily. These are just some of the blessings that our humble abode brings.


Modern Sofa

We have been saving for new and modern sofas for some time now. The sofa that we have been using has been with us since we got married almost 10 years ago and has been showing signs that it is about to fall apart. I certainly hope that before anyone gets hurt with our current sofa, we would be able to purchase a new one.

Also, the kids are getting bigger and a loveseat sofa isn’t actually the best sofa for our family now. Maybe you can help me pick one from the following designs.

My Thoughts on Houses

Ever since I was little, I have been fascinated with homes. I remember drawing the interior of a house and the location of the rooms and the doors and windows. I remember that I loved reading magazines about houses. Now, that I am a grown up, I am just so blessed that we have our own place. Even though we are still paying for the monthly amortization at the bank for it. But nevertheless, we have our own space.

Just the other day, I rearranged some furniture and I am glad that we have used some furniture which was just laying around for quite some time. It just gives me satisfaction. Now, I wonder what it is like to live in used motorhomes. I know there is not much space but definitely, life would be an adventure, wouldn’t it?

5 Years and Counting…

By April, we will celebrate our 5th year since we got this house and moved here. I still can remember when we first moved here and Kyla was only 1 year old then. How fast time passes by! Doesn’t it? We are still paying our mortgage loan to the bank. We have been blessed that my parents helped us and gave us a lump sum amount to pay off our loan. We contacted the bank for our mortgage calculator and we were informed that we have about 4 years left to complete our amortization payment. By God’s grace, when that day arrives, it would really be great!

Our Home

When hubby and I got married 8 years ago, we first lived in a rented apartment. It was our dream to be able to buy and build our own house. But when we got pregnant with our first child, that dream had to wait. We moved in with my parents because my first trimester was really difficult. Then when we gave birth, we moved in with my in-laws since they had bigger space to accommodate us. We stayed with them for a year. God gave us a blessing as we were able to find a house and lot here in Sta Rosa that was quite affordable and suited our family. The bank also approved our loan. So we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on our own house already.

The house we got is not a brand new house. It was already previously owned and had no major improvements. Unlike the Phoenix New Homes I saw on the web which are semi-custom built, we had major repairs to be done. We also changed the tiles on the ground floor and the bathrooms. It was a lot of work and extra expense!

Now, we have been living here for 4 years now, and there are still improvements that need to be done. But thanks to God, we are living in the comforts of our place. Nothing beats starting a family with your own home.