Our Upcoming House Projects

We have been staying in our house for the past 10 years now and we hardly had renovated anything. We only had our roof fixed since there were holes and it got damaged during previous storms. You can just imagine my list on home renovation projects!

I have been studying our house and my renovation list includes the following:

  • kitchen renovation as we need shelves and cabinets.
  • coffee counter as hubby is a coffee person and has been collecting mugs
  • upgrade of furniture like those from replica furniture, dining table and chairs are high on that list
  • change of lights to LED
  • install art works and photo collages to inspire
  • change the window blinds as none are working now
  • repaint the indoors and the outdoors of the house

These are the top priorities on my list and I have been praying, looking around and designing what the new cabinets should look like, what color of paint should be used and listing all the cost per area of the house we want to renovate. Whenever I think about it and discuss it with my family, I feel that it is next to impossible to do all these house projects but I would like to believe that the Lord will provide the needed finances so we can slowly renovate our house.

I am grateful to the Lord for He has blessed us with a house in a good location in the village. As He has provided for us in the past, I know He will provide for what we need for these house projects.