How to Win Your Child’s Heart

Ever since I became a parent, I have always made it a point to read articles or books about parenting. I know that I can never learn enough… there would always be room for growth and improvement as a parent. Recently, I was blessed to have read How to Win Your Child’s Heart 6 Ways to PARENTing with Confidence by Dr. Ruth Chang. It is an OMF Literature published book.

The first part of the book tackled on what kind of parent are you. Are you authoritative, authoritarian, indulgent or neglectful. What kind of parent you are will say a lot about the relationship you have with your kids. Then the book goes on to share the 6 ways of parenting with confidence. It shares an acronym with us for easy reference!
P – Praise
A – Accept
R – Respect
E – Empathize
N – Nurture
T – Train
The discussion is deep with lots of tips, explanations and real life examples. It also explains the reason why each of the 6 acronyms is important in parenting. Relationship with our children doesn’t happen overnight and this book will guide you in relationship building. At the end of each chapter is a practical suggestion about the topic discussed which the parent can actually start to work on after.
Definitely, this is a must read for every parent. I really like how simple and encouraging Dr. Ruth Change was as I was reading the book. I know that I am not a perfect parent, and I definitely want to improve. This book was able to give me a starting point where I can begin to work on my relationship with my kids.

Note: This is not a paid post. I am not affiliated with OMF Literature and opinions expressed are purely personal.