It’s Not About You Mr Santa Claus Book Review

My children loves to read, while they prefer paperback, they also read e-books from time to time. Recently, we were given the opportunity to read the e-book It’s Not About You, Mr. Santa Claus by Soraya Coffelt. It is part of her Love Letter series which talks about the different traditions and holidays in the country and shows what these days really mean.


I opened the file on my laptop using Acrobat Reader and began to read to my children. We were delighted to see the bright and colorful illustrations, but it is the story that truly captured our interest. The book is written in such a way even a child as young as 4 would understand. The story is written in a letter format and every children can easily relate to the writer. The book is addressed to Mr. Santa Claus and the true origins of gift giving during Christmas time was explained clearly. Christmas is all about Jesus Christ being born and the wise men seeking Him to bring Him gifts.

This is a delightful and exciting way for children ages 4-10 to know the beginnings of Christmas and how gift giving really started so that whenever Christmas comes, we should not just focus on Santa Claus and the material gifts we receive but on the gift that God gave us in Jesus Christ.



As Christmas is roughly 2 months away, this would be a great gift for your little ones. All proceeds from this book are going to the As the Stars of the Sky Foundation Inc. as established by the author Soraya Coffelt to help children in the United States and around the world to have strong childhood education. This book is available in Kindle, paperback and hardcover versions.

For more information, visit As the Stars of the Sky.