It’s Not About You, Mrs. Turkey Book Review

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is not observed here in the Philippines but because of our world history lessons and close relations of the Philippines with the United States of America, we are well aware of the Thanksgiving holiday. But we don’t know the entire story of this holiday. Just why is Thanksgiving such an important holiday in the USA?

It's+Not+About+You+Mrs (1)
Soraya Coffelt wrote It’s Not About You, Mrs. Turkey as part of her Love Letters book series. This series explains that history behind traditions and holidays celebrated in the country. Thanksgiving is celebrated every last Thursday of November with family and friends. Usually there is great food and Turkey on the table and prayers of thanksgiving to God for His blessings are uttered around the table. But what does this symbols stand for?

My children ages 11 and 8 read this book with me and we were amazed at what the Pilgrims went through and how they established the New World. It is retracing the history of the American people and understanding that brings back meaning to this holiday.  Book was written in a letter format address to Mrs. Turkey and was quite easy to understand and filled with colorful illustrations. Truly a good book to read every Thanksgiving with children ages 4-10 years old.

This book is available in Kindle, hardcover and paperback versions.

All proceeds from this book are going to the As the Stars of the Sky Foundation Inc. as established by the author Soraya Coffelt to help children in the United States and around the world to have strong childhood education