Kapamilya o Kapal Nila Book Review

The Filipino family is close knit. We all know that and we are a happy bunch, most of the time. But how do we face our family when there is trouble? When we can’t get along with our in-laws? When helping our family becomes a burden?

Pastor Ed Lapiz of Day by Day Christian Ministries have produced a series entitled Secrets of a Happy Family and the 2nd part is here, Kapamilya o Kapal Nila? This is a 248-pages book filled with practical advises on how to have a happy family, have peace in the family, communication in the family, secrets of happy families, family during difficult times and pathology of family feuds.


Here is a snapshot of the different topics:


Written in a witty and conversational Taglish tone, the book is easy to read and easily relatable. All Filipino families have one time or another experienced problems with your family, so this book is recommended to everyone. One doesn’t need to wait until there is a problem within the family to read this book. The practical tips are a great way to be proactive and build a happy family.

Personally, I am not a fan of books in Taglish format, but I do recommend this book which only costs 170 pesos if you’d like to know the secrets to build a happy family.

This book is available in your leading Christian bookstores and the CSM Publishing website. Get more information fromĀ http://csm-publishing.org/products-page/back-to-back-series/kapamilya-o-kapal-nila/.