Ballet Class

We were looking around for possible P.E. class for Kyla. Our options so far were swimming and ballet. Kyla wanted to try ballet so thank God we found a class right here in our own village and they offer free trial class so we went ahead and she had a great time! I didn’t expect that she would enjoy it so much…. she is the one wearing green headband.

I was surprised and glad that the teacher is also a homeschooling parent! Anyway, God is so good! Now, I just need to earn enough so we can pay the monthly fee. I am sure that God would provide, He is the one who led us here, He will surely provide!


The kids attended Daily Vacation Bible School last week. They had fun. The topic was about God’s Champions! They sang some songs, learned about different Olympic sports, made different arts and crafts and listened to Bible stories.

Kumon Philippines’ Free Trial

I have heard lots about Kumon. Mostly, good reviews. We haven’t tried it though due to financial constraints and I am not sure if it is worth it or if it would have any additional value to my 5 year old… Today, I received an email with good news about Kumon.

“For the 8th consecutive year, all Kumon Philippines centers will offer free Math and Reading class to all interested young kids. The free trial period will be from the 17th to the 30th of September, but as early as now, parents and their children can go to the nearest Kumon centers and inquire about the program. Once admitted into the free trial program, the kids will only have to attend classes at the center four times a week. All their materials and worksheets will be provided by the Kumon center for free.

Parents interested to enroll their children to join the campaign will be given an orientation to help them gain a thorough understanding of the Kumon Method. Children will then be given a diagnostic test to allow instructors to gauge the participating kids’ specific starting point under the Kumon program. This way, the children can begin their Kumon experience comfortably and confidently. After taking the diagnostic test, the children may already be enrolled for the trial. Kumon instructors will recommend the appropriate learning program based on the child’s readiness level.

Interested parents and kids can visit their nearest Kumon center or call the Kumon head office at (02) 885 0226 or 1-800-1-888-0231 (toll-free outside Metro Manila) to inquire about the Free Trial Campaign. You may also log on to Kumon Philippines’ website ( for more information.”

We might finally be able to try Kumon and see what the rave is all about.

Thursday 13 – VeggieTales Fun!

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My kids love Bob, Larry, Junior and the rest of the gang from VeggieTales! VeggieTales are children videos which convey Christian values and stories from the Bible.

Here are 13 movies that we’ve watched so far:
1. Sumo of the Opera
2. Larry-Boy & the Rumor Weed
3.God Wants Me to Forgive Them!?!
4.Esther: The Girl Who Became Queen
5.Where’s God When I am Scared?
6. Are You My Neighbor?
7. Rack, Shack and Benny
8. Josh & The Big Wall
9. Dave & The Giant Pickle
10. King George & The Ducky
11. The Balled of Little Joe
12. The Star of Christmas
13. An Easter Carol

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Thursday 13 – Crafts To Do For Kids

Its summer time and my kids love doing art projects and crafts at home. Its been a challenge for me to have something for them to do everyday. With the help of some great internet sites, we have made several art crafts. So if you are facing the same challenge, this list is for you!
1. Book Diorama
2. Ocean Diorama
3. Fire Truck Box
4. Paper Plate Fish
5. Rabbit Face Mask
6. Mini Books
7. Origami Cat
8. Treasure Bottle
9. Paper Dolls
10. Frog Prince
11. Build A Skyscraper
12. Name Frame
13. Paper Jewelry

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