More Summer Activities

The kids love to put puzzles together.

My little girl is beginning to enjoy board games too.

Kid’s Art… What Next?

My kids have tons of art work especially now that its summer vacation. Most of the artwork are just stacked on a shelf somewhere or at the ref. But how about other art works? Honestly, I keep most of them but some of them, I just have to throw away. So what are the ways to preserve or keep these art works?

Here are some tips I would like to share.
1. Create a Wall of Art
We have a designated space in the kids room where they can stick any of their art works or stickers.
2. Give to Relatives
The kids can put a simple message at the back of their art work and give it to favorite aunt or grandparents.
3. Put It on Frames
We buy nice frames for the kids’ work. This is for special family portraits or special drawings.
4. Keep It on A Clearbook or Special Envelope
With so much art work being done, I really dont want to throw any work away. Clearbooks or envelopes can help keep the art work organized. We can also make a scrapbook for the kids and include their art work.
5. Capture It on Photo and Turn It into Souveneirs
We can capture the art works in photo so that when the original art work is not around anymore, we can still look back at their work. Also technology has also allowed us to use the captured photo on mouse pads, place mats and other printable items.

Summer Fun With the Wheels

It took only 2 afternoons last week and Kyla was able to ride the bike without the trainer wheels already! I was so proud and glad that she was able to balance herself on her bike. She is so happy with her achievement! I can see that it boosted her confidence too!

She requested we remove the trainer wheels from her bike a few months ago but it was only last week (before it rained and rained) that she started practicing. In the beginning, I was still holding her bike at the back but after awhile, I let go and she just went on and on 🙂 She didnt even notice I had already let go!

Arts, crafts and fun!

To make everyday exciting , we do some arts activities at home. Some days, we use watercolor to paint.

Sometimes, we use finger paints. So far, they are enjoying messing around using their hands and fingers.

Yesterday, we printed out some pictures of Cinderella. We cut them and pasted them on a cardboard. Put a stick on its back. Created a show about Cinderella. Kyla enjoyed putting on a show while Toby watched.

Summer Swimming Lessons Update

Kyla has finished two weeks of the Milo Swimming Lessons.

There were major improvements since my last update. Although until the end of the swimming course, she still didn’t submerge her head on the water. She only did it until half of her face! The coach said that she just needs to overcome her fear of submerging her head and she would be a good swimmer since she can swim quite a distance and can really do some flatter kicks! Anyway, I am glad that I enrolled her in Milo’s class. Even though she didn’t completely overcome her fear of submerging her head yet, I know that somehow she was able to build some confidence… and that was my goal!

This is Kyla with her coach…
This is Kyla (on the most right) with her classmates doing some leg exercise.

Kyla with her kickboard