Interesting Kids Bibles

We encourage the kids to have a daily prayer and quiet time. This is the time to read the Word of God, pray and talk to God about what you learned through God’s word. But it is not enough to teach them, we have to demonstrate it to them as well. Kids learn when they see adults do it themselves. This is where I need to watch myself and be careful not to spend too much time looking at the internet for great deals like those dell coupons.

Aside from that, we also use good Bible books which interests the kids. We want them to know that the Bible is not just an old boring book but it is filled with great stories and a very faithful God! After reading through so many Bibles for kids, here are our top 2 Bible books for kids which really interested them:

The Jesus Storybook Bible.

It tells the story of the Bible in a different but interesting way and all stories relate to Jesus Christ. The drawings are also very colorful.









VeggieTales Bible Storybook

It tells the Bible stories through various stories from the great VeggieTales series! Very entertaining for the kids!









Have you found any other good Bibles for kids?

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