Insights from Inside Out

inside out jpgMeet the little voices inside your head. – Inside Out

A few months back, we watched Disney’s Inside Out. My kids liked the movie and I did too. There are several things we discussed after watching it together.

We all need to process our feelings. Each person, whether young or old, feels something. We can be happy, sad, disgusted, angry or afraid. Of course, there are many more feelings but these are the main feelings as shown in the movie. We need to offer each other more grace and understanding because we are all created with different feelings.

Sadness is an important part of life. Don’t deny or suppress  when we are sad, instead face sadness head on. Let these feelings show and remember, it is okay to be sad once in awhile.

When we are angry, our judgment is clouded. Most often than not, our actions are  based on a reaction and haven’t been clearly thought about. If possible, don’t make decisions when angry.

It is important to communicate our feelings and thoughts to people. To resolve issues, communication is key.

Our memories and “Islands of Personality” help define who we are and what is important to us. We asked each other what our islands were after the movie, it opened a way to understand and appreciate each other even more.

I felt a bit sad when I saw the clips of young Riley and her old toys. It reminded me how grown up my kids are now. It seemed only yesterday when they were so young but time has moved on. I am grateful that I have many memories of them and with them.

I won’t give Inside Out a perfect 10, probably  8 in my books, but it is worth watching with your children. After watching, don’t forget to share your insights to enrich your communication and your relationships.