Dear Child

Dear Child,
You are God’s gift to us. Since you came into our lives, our lives have become more exciting. When you were born, a few days after, we thought we were going to lose you, but God didn’t allow it. While you were still a toddler, you’d get a bump every now and then. Caring for you was really a different experience from that I’ve experienced with your sister. You are so unpredictable.

You also brought us so many smiles… your endless antics never failed to make us all smile. You definitely brought our family so much more laughter. Every day when you wake up, your smile greets us and reminds us to face our day with smile. Your sweetness and your hugs warms my heart every time.

I am sorry if I have to spank you at times. It is because I love you and don’t want you to grow up in the wrong path that I have to correct you as early as now. I pray that as you grow up, may you grow up strong in your faith in God, filled with wisdom and that you will not sit in the seat of mockers.

I love you son.

Dear Love

Dear Love,

It has been 9 years ago when we faced each other and said our vows to one another. Can you believe that its been that long ago? So have we lived out our vows over the past 9 years? Hm.. what did we tell each other?

If you ask me, the past 9 years are basically blessed years. God has provided us with everything we need, our relationship with each other is God-centered and our kids are a blessing! Though we had our share of disagreements, nothing major has gotten in the way. We had our share of trials but nothing that was too big for our God… I am so blessed to be sharing this journey of life with you. I know that there is no other place that I would rather be.

Happy 9th year wedding anniversary Love!

Yours forevermore,

Mommy Moments – Love Letter

mommy moments

Welcome to another week here at Mommy Moments. Since Valentine’s day is just around the corner, our theme for this week is Love Letter. You can share with us a love letter from your kids or share with us a “love” moment from your kids. You can also share your love letter for your kids. I am excited to see your posts…

Now here is my post!

This was created by Kyla a few months back.

The next one was created by Kyla last week.


Kyla, I am so blessed to have a very bright and artistic little lady like you as my daughter. Thank you for all the thoughtfulness and love you have given me. Though you can be strong-willed at times, I know that you are wonderfully created by God and that He has His purpose for choosing me as your mom. I pray that I can be the mom you need me to be. I pray that may you grow up with the fear of the Lord in your heart. Forgive me for my shortcomings. I love you and will always be here for you.

Toby, you are a blessing to me. Thank you for your sweetness, for your kisses, for your smiles, for always bringing a smile to my day. You always seem to know when to cheer me up. Thank you for teaching me so much about trust, love and total dependence on God. I have been learning a lot from you. I pray that may you grow up to be a man after God’s heart and may you seek Him first in your life. I also pray that I can be the mom you need me to be. I love you and you can count on me, anytime.

Share your love letter from or to your kids, join us at mommy moments!