Books About A Mother’s Love

When I was younger, I loved books! You can leave me in the house for days or weeks, as long as I have books with me. Now that I have a family of my own, I am so grateful that they have come to love books as I do. My husband enjoys reading and so do my kids! If each of us were given Bookbags to fill with our favorite books, I am sure we would all be able to fill it up with our own collections each!

Because we absolutely love books, my daughter and I chose 2 books from our collection that we would like to share with you. Both share the story about a mother’s love for her child.

Runaway Bunny is by Margaret Wise Brown. This is a wonderful tale of a young bunny and his mother. The little bunny thinks of ways to get away from his mother but each time, his mother finds a way to get back to be with him.

Love You Forever is by Robert Munsch. It tells the story of a mother’s love and how unchanging this love is even until her child has grown up.

These two books are must-reads for every mom and I am sure your children will be delighted to read it with you.