Magic Tree House

I am so glad that my kids love books. Whenever we go to the malls, we always pass by book stores. We were very excited to see “sale” signs in National Book Store last week. We checked out what was on sale. We immediately saw a stand of Magic Tree House books and they were 20% off. We have a couple of Magic Tree House books and my daughter loved it. I read it aloud to them one time, and we all had fun. I enjoyed the book, it wasn’t only entertaining but it was also very informative. Jack and Annie are the main characters of the story. They travel through time via the books they find inside the Magic Tree House. Reading the series lets the reader learn more about specific time periods and places.

So when we see the 20% off, we thought of buying the Magic Tree House Research Guide. This is the fact based book but written for grades 1-3. They are somewhat related to the series as well.

So far, my daughter has enjoyed reading the book. She finished the book already but she is re-reading it to make sure she didn’t miss out any interesting facts!