Shopping Time!

The Christmas season is almost here. We have already set up our Christmas decors and we have started our Christmas shopping for our godchildren and loved ones. We got clothes, toys and books. Now that Cyber Monday is here, I think it would also be a good idea to look for some gadgets as gifts for hubby. I know he would appreciate gadgets and books. Let the shopping begin!

My Shopping List

If I had time to go shopping on my own, you wouldn’t find me in the clothes, shoes or bags section of a department store. I am usually on the kids section or the home area. If I am not buying for the kids, then I am looking around for good deals for the home. I love looking at furniture like comfortable yet compact sofa, modern dining tables, bookshelves and cabinets. Even if I don’t have the money to buy these items now, I love looking around and taking note of how much they cost so I can have a goal when I am saving money.

Now that it is going to be September in a couple of days, I wonder if i can still save enough for these furnitures.

Where Do You Shop?

Where do you usually shop for your kids clothes and accessories? Do you wait for a sale? Do you go to ukay ukay shops? I don’t usually shop for their clothes and shoes. My mom usually buys them clothes and shoes already. If they do need one, we usually go to the nearby SM mall to check it out but sometimes, if its not urgent, we wait until we go to a bigger SM mall for more designs to choose from. We enjoy shopping in SM Department Stores because they have a wide variety to choose from. We also earn points through their SM Advantage Card. I also notice that they have their own system and receipt printer. It is amazing how this store has grown and improved through the years!

My Shopping Experience

I love to window shop! Strolling in the malls are a favorite hobby of mine, looking around for nice deals. I can walk and walk for hours and not be tired. I like checking out point of purchase displays and how much stuff cost so that I would have an idea when I have enough money to buy. Most of the time when I go shopping though, I only end up buying for my kids or my hubby. I seldom buy anything for myself unless I really need to.