Mathemagis Singapore Math Summer Programs

We have started to use Singapore Math as our main math curriculum 4 years ago. It has helped my very visual daughter who didn’t like math  to understand basic arithmetic and appreciate math. But when we first used it, I wasn’t very confident in teaching it because I am not familiar with the Singapore Math method myself. Thankfully, through the years, there are several Math resources available.

This summer, I am sharing with you Mathemagis’ Singapore Math Summer programs. This is a perfect supplement for children using Singapore Math!



The “Best Start to be Smart” in Math program is best for 4-6 years old and uses  fun and hands-on activities.  A love and confidence in math is the main goal for this stage.

Grade school students struggling with Math word problems will get a boost with “Visual Thinking Math”. Children learn the fun and easy way to solve math word problems using Singapore’s proven effective bar model strategy.

The Mathemagis’ Singapore Math Program is for gradeschoolers.  This program teaches Math concepts and enhances analytical skills for all students.

The summer programs are simultaneously happening in their different branches. Contact any of their branches in Serendra(833.7374), Makati(556.5109), Katipunan(225.6330), Timog Avenue(261.1611) and SM Pasig(209.8128).

They are also offering First Robotics workshop thru Kids Central. Kids Central is part of MatheMagis that provides other programs for kids. Please see image for the schedules of classes.

If you need further information, please visit their website at and their FB page at .