The Fashion Trendsetter

Being the First Lady automatically brings you to the limelight. First Lady Michelle Obama has become a fashion trend setter in the United States. The public views what she chooses to wear as wearable and exciting! She mixes the practical with fashion according to NBC and the people love it! In AOL Beauty and Style, Michelle Obama was bold enough to admit that she buys and shops her clothes online. It is not only convenient, but it is also more affordable than some other brands. She portrays a modern and professional woman who can wear designer dresses but is also comfortable wearing off-the-rack outfits. It is viewed as a big change for a woman in politics to be seen wearing this kind of clothes. She also showcased American designers which sparked a shopping frenzy in their local stores! The people are drawn to her and are following her with whatever she wears. In fact, she is dubbed as the “First Lady of Fashion”.

Just like the toy watch she is sporting. Toy watch is a large watch with a lightweight because of the plastic material used. It has become a top selling must-have in Hollywood! Toy watch would definitely be a big hit this fall and Christmas!