Is He Drinking Enough?

The pediatrician of Toby has requested another routine urinalysis to be done after seeing the initial first 2 results from the past 2 months. She said that we should give Toby more fluids and hopefully, the results of this 3rd urinalysis would be better. We are going for the 3rd urinalysis on the weekend, hope it shows better results.

Toby drinks water, but not so much. I have to use the spoon to feed him water to make sure he is drinking it. I know he is drinking far too less water. I am afraid that he might be dehydrated. When he was a baby, this was also a problem for him. He is really quite prone to dehydration.

I have been researching the Internet to see what is the required water intake for toddlers and this is what I found…infants ages birth to two years (6 to 26 pounds), should have three to six cups of water per day. Children age’s two to 12 years (26 to 100 pounds), should have four to eight cups of water per day. (taken from Water, Fluids & Hydration)

That is more than what I have been giving him… so I really have to increase his water intake. I also realized that toddlers normally don’t ask for water even if they are already thirsty. I read in one article that when your older child asks for a glass of water, make sure you give your toddler one too. Or if you are thirsty, give your child a cup too. Another way to make sure he increases his water intake is by offering him a cup every hour or so.

I also realized that I should check the urine color. His urine color has been quite dark recently. It has been mentioned several times on articles I read that when the child goes to the bathroom, his/her urine should be light yellow or colorless and odorless, unless it is the first urine after getting up in morning.