Molly’s Digest for November

When you have little children at home, November is a month you are bound to get excited with! Not only does this month come before Christmas but this month celebrates a lot of other days like Thanksgiving Day, Basketball Day, Hug-a-bear Day and other days which I never knew even existed! Anyway, I really love Molly’s Digest for November because it gives me so many tips as to how to prepare and be ready for the coming festive season. We all know how crazy Christmas can get! Starting early is really the way to go.

I really love the tips and tools for organization. It gives me a guide and road map to follow each week. There is a specific task that you can print each week. This should be enough to remind me of the daily chores I need to do to be ready for December.

I was quite surprised that there are lots of menu and recipes included! Now, this would be a great activity that I can do with the kids. It would be a fun bonding moment and it would be educational too. Oreo Cheesecake is something I would like to try out. If we can do it perfectly, we can serve this during the coming holiday seasons!

Preparing our hearts and our homes for the holidays also gives us ample time to reflect why we celebrate the holidays. It is good practice to remind our kids why we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Let us all remember, as the digest has pointed out, preparation starts in our hearts.