Inspiration and Encouragement for Moms

Motherhood is a noble calling —- and it is not easy. It is never ending and is a a huge task for one person to take. Thankfully, God knows this and  puts different people in our life to support, to understand and to help us fulfill our roles as mothers.

I personally am grateful to the following resources which have helped me in my own journey:

Sarah Mae

I loved Sarah Mae’s book Desperate. I read it a few years back and the book resonated with me, as I was raising little children back then. She now has a new book called Longing for Paris which I hope to read soon.

The Better Mombettermom

 I subscribed thru email and really look forward to The Better Mom’s daily post. Everyday struggles as a mom becomes lighter knowing that other moms are going through the same things. The tips and encouragement that I receive from this site has been an important part of my daily life.

Finding Joy

For the days that I feel like I lost the joy of motherhood, or the days that I feel unappreciated or unworthy, Finding Joy’s encouragement has been spot on! Dear Mom posts were my favorite.

Hands Free Mama


Because of the easy access to the internet, I have been vulnerable to distractions while raising my kids. Hands Free Mama has been instrumental in helping me realize my mistakes and how to live a more intentional life away from gadgets and the social media.

The Busy Mom

Recently, I been listening to the free podcasts from Heidi St John of The Busy Mom and it has been encouraging and very inspirational. It was like being part of a small group discussing about the different issues of motherhood.

Sally Clarkson

I have read Sally Clarkson’s book 10 Gifts of Wisdom and it has given me a better perspective of what parenting with wisdom actually really is. I also love reading her other books and her blog, full of insight and inspirational stories that help me be a better mother to my children.