Our Mystery Manila Experience

A few weeks back, we went to Mystery Manila in Ayala Malls the 30th.

It was our first time to try Mystery Manila. The first room we went to was Rebel Resistance. Since my children loves Star Wars, we were hoping to be able to solve the mystery and come out of the room in 1 hour. Sadly, we were not successful in decoding the morse code and fixing the map!

So we tried another room, this time, we tried the Mr. Moriarity room. It is a Sherlock Holmes type of mystery and we were so excited to be able to solve this mystery in less than one hour! Thankfully, we were successful this time.

Our overall experience was ok as the staff in Mystery Manila was quite helpful throughout the time we were there.

It is fun to do these kind of activities with the kids once in awhile as it allows them to use their brains and figure out problems in real world scenarios. Truly, learning takes place even while having fun.