Homeschool Help: Narration, Copywork and Dictation

Like me, you’ve probably heard about the positive impact of routine copywork, dictation and narration in helping our kids become better writers, spellers and observers. We’ve personally done these activities a bit when a friend allowed us to use their copy of Writing of Ease 1 and Writing with Ease 2 a couple of years back, then when we tried Sonlight Language Arts too.s We also do narration for our History and Science lessons. I noticed that both my children enjoyed these activities and it was in fact some of the more memorable lessons that they did together.

This coming school year, I want us to be more intentional in following through with copywork, dictation and narration. I have been doing quite a bit of research since our summer break and have read a number of books and resources. If you are also wondering how to be more successful with your copywork, dictation and narration, check the following links as they may be of help to you:

Copywork, Dictation, Narration & Observation : A Beginner’s Guide – informational blog post by Brandy Ferrell

Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know about Copywork and Dictation – instructional video by Julie Bogart of The Bravewriter

Our “Writing” Journey : Narration, Copywork and Dictation by Winnie Lopez

Why Do Copywork and Dictation by Jessie Wise