Reading Challenge for 2015

A few weeks ago, I posted my goals for 2015. One of them is to read more regularly so I am reposting this Reading Challenge I saw from my friend Roche’s reading challenge for 2015.


I hope to feature the books that I will be able to read and check off from this list. Do you want to take the reading challenge for 2015 with me?

Looking Back and Looking Forward

After 2 weeks of Christmas break, we have already started with our official homeschooling activities once again. The kids and I were looking forward to going back to our usual routine and to see what we were going to learn this new year. But before going back to our usual routine, we started the year with our goal setting activities. We listed down what we were grateful for in 2014 and what we looked forward to in the new year.


Looking back at 2014, I listed down the following as what I really liked…

> earlier start of my day

> consistency with schedule

> decluttering days

> blessings jar

> family trips

> reading classics


Looking forward to 2015, I listed down what I’d like to improve on…

* consistent Bible reading and prayer time

* take trips to other provinces

*give to others through World Vision

*better preparation of lessons

* watch more shows

* embark on home improvement projects

*  read more books

* have family devotions


It has been a week since 2015 has started, and I am grateful that God has allowed me to revamp my schedule and help me attain my goals, one at a time.

My 2015 Goals

The new year always brings a sense of hope and inspiration to most people. It gives everyone the opportunity to start anew. I myself always look forward to the fresh start that the new year brings.  For this year, here are my goals for 2015.

These words should guide how I want to spend my 2015.


Reading enriches my soul and my spirit. I hope to spend more time reading, not just for read-alouds with my children but by myself. My list includes the Bible, inspirational books and the classics.


Traveling educates. I want to learn more about people and culture and there is no better way to do this than leaving one’s comfort zone and traveling to a new place. With the provision that the Lord will provide, I do hope to see more of the Philippines and the neighboring Asian countries.


Writing expresses one’s thoughts and allows one to process all that he has learned. I pray that I will be more consistent this year, writing down the things I have learned, the blessings that I have received and the growth that I will experience all year though.


Blessing others is the reason why God blesses us. Praying for opportunities to open up so we can bless others, especially the poor. I will be doing this together with my entire husband and my children. We want to be more intentional in sharing our blessings this year.


Spending time with God in prayer rejuvenates and refocuses us. I will wake up early this year and start my day with the Lord more consistently. Nothing else is more important than Him.

How about you? What are your goals for this new year?