Our Recent Family Time

I look forward to family time. Those days that we don’t have lessons to finish or go to training but just enjoy the presence of one another. Recently, we went to Nobu Hotel at City of Dreams in Pasay City and stayed there for 2 nights. It was a relaxing experience as we enjoyed their new and clean room and swam on the pool for 3 days.


During this family time, I learned that learning still happens. My kids learned what it was like to be the teacher and I felt what it was like to be the student. You see, my kids taught me how to swim! I was able to do it for a short distance which is a big achievement for me and for them, my daughter in particular. We enjoyed the unhurried time together and the change in routine was a short vacation that we all needed.

Now, we are all back to our usual routine and hoping to finish our school year by the end of the month!