Online Coupon Codes: Ways a Little Know-How Can Save You a Lot of Money

It can be expensive to be a shopper.  However, let’s face it; being a consumer is fun and the cost of (most) things won’t stop you from pulling out your wallet.  Yet that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t save money when you can, especially if saving more means you can buy more!  Many people shop online these days.  It’s fast, convenient, and safe.  But before you checkout, be sure you have a coupon code.  Here’s how to find codes so you can save a lot of money.


Start at the Source

It makes sense to start at the source, the retailer or manufacturer’s website, to find coupons on sought goods.  The manufacturer’s website may be glossed over when comparing prices.  You may go to a site that offers the lowest price, yet you’ll want to check the original brand’s website too.  If they offer a coupon code, they may host the lowest prices after the discount.

Find Coupon Sites

Alternatively, some sites offer coupons on an array of products and services.  Use the on-page search box to find discounts on brands, products, or particular models.  For example, at the GrabOn site, you can find savings on electronics, home goods, kid toys, and more.  Use a paytm coupon code to unlock lower prices on sought items.  Many of these sites partner with manufacturers or retailers, so you won’t find the coupons in other places on the web.

Follow Retailers on Social Media

Retailers are always asking advocates to ‘like’ and ‘follow’ them, and if you’re a repeat customer, it’s well worth it.  Retailers post coupon codes and other information so loyal followers can save money and learn firsthand about upcoming sales.  Sometimes it pays to check Facebook pages or see what brands are tweeting about.  Get info on sales, promo codes, and giveaways.

Sign-up for Email Alerts

Signing-up for email alerts is akin to following brands on social media.  Yes, many consumers dread getting emails from retailers; no one wants their email account filled with spam.  However, saving on wanted goods and services is well worth opening an email.  If you’re worried about getting too much email, use filters to place retailer information in a separate inbox.

Call Customer Service

Most associate calling customer service with a need to make a complaint, reverse a charge, etc.  However, have you ever thought about calling customer service to tell them how much you like a service, product, etc?  Most brands like to hear from their advocates.  It’s not a given, but in some cases they may send you a coupon code or free samples due to your special interest in the brand.  Alternatively, you can contact customer service to learn about existing coupon codes on wanted items.

Visit Stores

Online isn’t the only place you can find information leading to online savings.  Brick and mortar locations may present coupons in exchange for in-store purchases or for coming to a store-related event.  Alternatively, in-store lists may be the only way to get on a ‘VIP email list.’

Luca Quinn is not shy to admit that she is a couponer! She has always been frugal and loves saving money on everyday purchases as well as larger one-off items. She shares her secrets online.