Veritas Press Self Paced History: Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation Review

Studying history is one of the favorites in our homeschool. As part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I was given the opportunity by Veritas Press to review their Veritas Press Self-Paced History online product, my 5th grade daughter was as excited as I am to see how it works and if it fits our family.

Veritas Press Review
The Veritas Press Self-Paced History curriculum offers several time periods. The available time periods are:

Old Testament and Ancient Egypt

New Testament, Greece and Rome

Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation

Explorers to 1815

1815 to Present

I chose  to review the  Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation time period because this is the lesson my daughter has been studying before she took her summer break. The lessons start from St Augustine until John Knox and the reformation in Scotland.

Veritas Press Review

The Middle Ages, Ren & Ref Flashcards accompany the online lessons. it covers the 32 major events in chronological order and has a brief summary of the event or life story of the specific person. It allows the student to remember the lessons easily and gives them easy access to their lessons without needing to go online. The flashcards can be purcahsed separately with a price of $19.95.

Veritas Press ReviewVeritas Press Review
 Veritas Press actually started their company with their history and Bible Flashcards many years back!  Marlin and Laurie Detweiler  wanted to teach history chronologically to their children, integrating the Biblical timeline along with world history so that they can  relate what they read in the Bible along with their history books! Many like minded parents loved their products and thus, the couple were able to develop several programs to help other families and schools achieve their goals.

Here are important information about the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation Self-Paced history lessons:

– Age range of this product is for the 2nd Grade to 6th Grade.

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– It covers 32 historical events during the whole time  period.


– Each historical event has 5 sessions totalling to 160 class periods for the entire course.

– Each class ranges from 20 to 30 minutes of interactive teaching.

– The lessons are taught by 2 people who are in character. They talk to each other and to the student in a friendly way making history lessons interesting .

– The lessons are discussed in-depth and shows different resources like images, maps and other important information in relation to the topic.

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– Every lesson has an unique game to make the student remember details. Kids will love the soccer and adventure type games.

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–  A memory song which states the 32 historical events,  plays over and over every lesson to make memorzing fun and easy.

– You can easily access old lessons and retake them if needed by going to the dashboard and clicking my courses to see grades, and access all the video lessons.

– The student can not proceed to the next lesson without completing the current one. This ensures that your child masters the lessons before proceeding to the next one.

– After every 5 sessions, there is an exam which checks to see if your child has remembered the details of the lessons. The student gets immediate feedback whether their answers are correct or incorrect.

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– The curriculum is accessed online using your web broswer. It is expected that your internet connection should have a minimum speed of 768 Kbps to run the course successfully. There is no need to install any special software to access the online course.

– There are hands-on projects to make on some of the lessons. A project supply list is provided so you can prepare the supplies ahead of time.

– A historical fiction reading list and schedule is also provided, though it is optional.

– The course costs $199 and has a sibling discount of $100 off!.

– Upon registration, you have one year to access the online course.


How We Used the Product

My daughter used this curriculum on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays as her primary history lessons. She just opens the browser and goes to Veritas Press logon page,  types in her username and password and plugs in her earphones. She can’t be disturbed while enjoying learning. The topics she has covered for the duration of the review period are St Augustine, the Vikings and the Barbarians and St Jerome!

What We Think of the Product

I asked her what she thought of this product and she just loves it. She likes the interesting way the lessons are presented and she likes how the song has helped her in memory work. The games were also a favorite!

As the mom, I really loved this product. This dynamic self-paced chronological approach to learning history is truly the best way for my daughter to learn the grammar stage of history! She used to have problems with memorizing dates and important details but with the help of the memory song, the interactive story-telling and games, she has been remembering more details about history now! The in-depth discussion of each topic and the variety of resources used plays an important part in my daughter’s learning too. Being an online self-paced curriculum, my daughter has become more independent in learning about history too. I hardly was needed in the duration of her sessions. I also liked that she can go as fast as she wants or slow down on lessons that she finds difficult.

I do recommend this product for families who wants classical way of studying history with little parental intervention! For more information, check out the other reviews of the Schoolhouse Review Crew.

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