Western Governors University

Western Governors University or WGU is the school you have to check out if you are looking for an online university. It is a regionally and nationally accredited school which specializes in online degrees such as online mba. It also offers a unique and affordable tuition fee rate since they offer flat rate for 6 months. The reason why they have lower fees is because WGU is a non-profit organization. They also offer specialized scholarship programs. Other advantages of online programs in WGU include mentoring for each student, self-paced learning for individual learners and challenging programs. WGU is a great choice for your online education needs.

Online Schools Anyone?

After graduating from college, I have always wanted to study further. What i want to study is not related to my bachelor’s degree at all. If we had the money, I would want to pursue another degree. I have browsed around the net for online schools. Since I am interested in a school which offers online degree scholarships, I was glad to find Online Schools. As a stay at home mom, I hardly go out of the house since I have to care for my kids. Time and finances are issues that I have to consider. Online schools are more flexible as I can adjust how many subjects I can study at a certain time.

I was also glad to see that online schools have a variety of accredited online degrees. They have high school degrees, college degrees, masters degrees , doctorate degrees and certificate courses as well. They have an easy to use menu where you can just choose which degree you are interested in, then the pull down menu gives you the available choices within the field you requested.

Becoming a Stay at home mom doesn’t mean that we should give up our dreams of pursuing continuous growth. With online schools, this dream doesn’t seem so distant at all.