Our Garden Update

I have blogged about the state of our garden a few months ago. I wanted to share with everyone the changes that have taken place in our garden…

So what do you think? Thanks to blessings we received from my parents over Christmas, we were able to have our garden cemented. The stones on the plant box were designed by Kyla and me a few weeks ago. I definitely like the look of our garden now. It’s easier to maintain too. Gives me more time to do online blogging about best acne treatments and preparing the launch of my new blog too.

Outdoor Fun

My kids, especially Toby, love to play outdoors. Everyday, he sees to it that he spends time playing outside the house. We ride his bicycle, walk around the village and play in the playground. Sometimes, we even spend time just in our garden. As long as we are outdoors, it seems to bring him much joy!

This is one of the reasons why I want to change and re-invent our little garden. We have been here in our home for 4 years and our garden hasn’t really been taken good care of. It is part of my plans next year to make more space for the kids to play in. I hope to be able to include some swing sets, tire swings or other playground equipment.

I think its exciting to renovate the garden and hopefully, we would be able to save for this project!