Outdoor Toy Company

Kids love to play outdoors! No matter if its my daughter or my son… they both love to play outside. Seeing the different pieces of outdoor toys from the outdoor toy company is a real treat! I often look around the internet to check out toys that are worth purchasing for the kids.

So when we sae the Outdoor Toy Company site, I asked my kids which outdoor toy they really like and they chose the All Out Play Castle. So I checked out the details of this castle. I found out that it is made of wooden frames. It also can stand on its own or become the central unit when there are several units attached to it. It has a wide deck area, internal monkey bars, lower den and you can attach several accessories on it too. You can definitely add a slide or a connecting bridge to make it even more fun!

Children fort and castles are a unique and lasting investment. The timber used requires no restaining or repainting. Aside from checking all the fixings regularly, only the plyroofs and hanging bars need to be repainted.

Isn’t it a great deal already? This would definitely be a gift that my kids would love to receive!