Thoughts on My Photos…

I love photos! In fact, I love capturing LIFE as it happens. But I don’t think that I really have THAT EYE, you know, the photographer’s eye. Whenever I look at the photos I capture, they lack that certain something… Anyway, I am grateful that I am able to CAPTURE shots of my kids. That is the main reason why I wanted to have a camera anyway. To record moments and see them in full color printing… Every moment that passes by will never come back so that is why I am glad to have captured them in my heart and through the lens of my CAMERA.

Photobook Credits!

A few days ago, I received photobook credits once again from Artscow! After making a video presentation today for my bro-in-law who is getting married in the States this October, I think I am inspired to use these photobook credits before they expire! I have quite a number of them actually. I want to make one for hubby and me – our 10th wedding anniversary will come up by February! I want to make one for my daughter and one for my son… Then I also want to make one for my sister and for my mother in law too. My only problem is that my internet connection here at home is quite slow 🙁 That would be the challenge and if I have time to do all of them…

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My friend Pehpot needs your help, please LIKE the following photos of her kid on Facebook. You can help her win a WII!

Friday Photo Flashback #2

This was me — 10 years ago!
It was my last visit to the USA (courtesy of my office).
If you look closely, you can see the World Trade Center at the back.

Friday Photo Flashback

Join us at Friday Photo Flashback for more great pictures!

i ♥ faces – My Friend and I

This week’s theme at i ♥ faces is “my friend and i”….

This is my daughter Kyla (the one on the left) and her closest friend from school Louise. This was taken when they were playing one afternoon after school. It is amazing how my little girl has opened up to her friend Louise. She used to be really shy.

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