First Quarter Portfolio Review for School Year 2015-2016

2 weeks ago, my children had their first portfolio review at TMA Homeschool for this school year. It was our first time to meet their new family advisors and we were all nervous as to how the review would turn out.

When we arrived at TMA, we were ushered into the new portfolio review area and we were all pleasantly surprised!


Then the advisors took them to cubicles and roughly took my son an hour to present his portfolio, while it took my daughter a bit longer since the advisor had another student present along with my daughter.

When they both came out, they were both happy and excited and filled with stories of how they presented and how they enjoyed the new portfolio review area. I et briefly with both their FAs and both gave me good reviews about the children. I am very blessed to hear that the FAs themselves homeschooled all the way to high school, and the FA of my daughter even shared their own journey towards college. She mentioned that she sees my daughter’s giftedness in arts and that we should continue to nurture it. She might even be able to get college scholarship based on it someday.

I’m thankful that both their reviews went fine and we are very much encouraged to continue on our homeschooling journey.