Resources on Purity Talk

One of the most dreaded conversations of parents with children ages 11 and above is the  purity and sex talk. It can be awkward or we just don’t know what to say. Probably because we’ve never had that talk with our own parents or it’s not something we usually talk about.

But since we have an existing relationship with our children and this is the time that the children still listens to us, it is best to have intentional conversations about this topic with them. If you and your child talk about everything and anything under the sun, this conversation can be casual for you. But if you don’t know how to start, I’m sharing some resources that I have found while researching about this topic:

> Passport2Purity Get-away Kit – Guided conversations and object lessons are the focus of the materials while mother and daughter or father and son is on a weekend getaway.


> Books like The Princess and the Kiss and The Squire and the Scroll by Jennie Bishop. We have personally read this story with my daughter a few years back but I believe we should try to read this together again and this can potentially help me start a conversation with her about sex, purity and what God says about it. PurityWorks now has a program you can check out.

> Sites like Focus on the Family  shares what your teens need to know about sex and other important information you should discuss together.

> Organizations like True Love Waits, TMA Homeschool and Christian churches have programs where parents and the children attend a series of seminars on purity.


Pursuing purity in a world where pre-marital sex has become the norm is not impossible. But it starts at home and we as parents should be pro-active in teaching and supporting our children in this worthwhile endeavor.