Money Saving Tips

For most growing families, it is difficult to save money for the future. With  daily expenses, monthly bills and unexpected expenses mounting, savings sometimes takes a back seat in a family’s monthly budget. If one doesn’t intentionally save, at the end of the year, most probably, your coin banks and savings account would be empty.

Here are some small ways to be able to save up for the rainy days:

– Be on the look out for savings coupons before making purchases. If the purchase is not urgent, it is best to use coupons like sally hansen coupons to buy items at a cheaper price.

– Buy bulk rather than retail. Buy bigger sizes and just transfer to smaller containers for more savings.

– Instead of indulging on your favorite snack or treats impulsively, schedule buying your favorite snacks.

– Write out a budget for the month, so you can set how much  you are spending and saving for that month.

– Use % for setting aside your money for savings. Example save 10% of your income every month. This way the amount will not be too heavy for you to set aside.

Money saving is very practical but it takes a lot of discipline to accomplish it. Be proactive and start saving now, before the rainy days come!

Saving For Your Retirement Age

I have a question for stay at home moms like me out there. How do you invest for your retirement age? Do you ask for life insurance quote and see if they give out endowment benefits? Or do you invest in stock market online? Or do you rely on your Social Security Systems contributions? If you have some tips and ideas that work, hope you can share it with other moms too.

Savings For The Kids

Some people are giving me insurance quotes for my kids. Some pre-need insurance in the form of educational plans and some life insurance. I know that this is a good investment but I really don’t know which one should we purchase for them. I want to start saving up so hopefully, by next year we can start our intentional savings for the kids. Aside from insurance policies, do you have any tips as to how to save up for your kids?