United Nations Day

Kyla’s school had their United Nations Day Celebration last October 29. Kyla represented the Philippines.

She enjoyed and participated in all their song and dance numbers.

She also joined the India dance presentation.
If you have been following me, you would know that my daughter doesn’t like to perform in front of crowds. That is why I was so proud of her that she was able to overcome her shyness!

Nutrition Day at School

Last Friday, it was Nutrition Day at Kyla’s school. The prep class had a dance number but as usual, my little girl didn’t join the dance. Although she did join the part where she had to recite a poem with 2 other classmates. She knows the poem by heart but her voice is so soft. Probably she is not very confident yet. I wonder what else can I do to help her gain confidence and encourage her to join school activities especially performing arts?

I am glad at least she was able to stand in front and recite the poem.