Science Lessons: Electricity

In Science, we have been studying about electricity for the past weeks. We have discussed where electricity comes from, how it gets to the socket and how much energy we usually consume. The kids find the topic very practical and informative. We are also learning about current electricity and static electricity. Volts, Amperes and Watts are also differentiated. We’ve been using Usborne Science Encyclopedia as our resource book.

One of the practical applications of our lessons was to find ways to conserve energy and I’d like to share this infographic we’ve found useful.


ACE Infographics

Knowing about electricity, conserving it and using it wisely are important science lessons our children should learn and practice.

Apologia Zoology 2


We have just finished our Science lessons for this school year. We have studied about Zoology specifically about ocean creatures! We’ve used Apologia Young Explorer Series Zoology 2. It has been an exciting journey. I enjoyed it myself since I learned so much about sea creatures such as fish, dolphins, sharks, rays, shells, crabs, lobsters, shrimps, coral reef and so much more! We even learned about how pearls are formed! Just like those pearls from┬á pearl neclaces.

One of the activities my children enjoyed the most about Zoology 2 is that they get to create an ocean box! Here is their work over the whole school year.

photo (18)


We truly enjoyed Apologia Zoology 2 because it gives us a good perspective and in-depth lessons about the ocean creatures. We say that we love Apologia books because we really love reading together! The kids also learned to take down notes. If you asked me if I would recommend it, I would if your family likes to read together and have multi-level grade levels students.