Immersive and Interactive Science with Curaytive Science

Teaching Science is not my forte. Preparing for experiments and doing the work is not my cup of tea. But since we are homeschooling, I have to be diligent and look for ways to make each experiment work so that my kids will learn.

Gratefully, I saw that Curaytive Science was offering hands on experiments and learning opportunities on Science concepts! 12038245_1032775520078461_1940055614709035077_n
The name Curaytive came from the family name of the Curays. They are homeschoolers themselves and has conducted these workshops in TMA for a few sessions. So I already saw some posts in FB about them so I was really waiting for them to bring the workshop here to the South! And when I found out that they were running classes in Alabang, I grabbed the opportunity to enroll my 8 year old son in their Up Air workshop.

Up Air was all about air. Every experiment brought science concepts to life and my son would go home excited everytime and tell me about all that he has learned about their topic. The workshop lasted for 2 hours and there were 3 sessions for a total fee of just P1,600.



My son had so much fun that I enrolled him at the next class they offered, iMatter. This workshop was all about chemistry. I also enrolled my 12 year old daughter this time because I wanted her to understand and appreciate chemistry as well.


The workshops are suited  for 5-12 years old. They are offering summer classes too! Check their program offerings at

I am so glad that Curaytive Science provided immersive and interactive science activities for my children. After all, science need not be boring, even when you are homeschooling.

Photos used courtesy of Curaytive Science FB page.