Why SEO Is Important?

When I started blogging 4 years ago, I knew nothing about blogging, wordpress, page rank or SEO. I had no idea what is their significance and why they matter at all. I just wanted to write and share my experiences with other moms who might be undergoing the same circumstances as I am. I didn’t even know that I would still be blogging after 4 years!

Blogging has definitely changed over the years. From what started out to be a diary became a portal of parenting tips, product reviews and personal experiences. Sometimes, I also write about my blogging experiences. Over the years, I have learned that the most important part is to write good contents. If you want readers to be back, your posts must be able to relate well with others too.

SEO Clerks help you in assiging the proper keywords that you can use in your blogsite. Knowing the proper keyword to use can help your chances of landing in the first pages of search engines. Just like why would you choose the words Buy Squidoo Lenses instead of just squidoo lenses. Using the best keywords can help you and your site to become better ranked in Google too. If you are not familiar with SEO yet like me, it is best to learn more about SEO services through SEO Clerks. You can easily sign up and learn about how SEO really works. Back link building and sponsored tweets are some of the terms you need to become familiar with too.

I certainly hope to be able to capitalize on SEO more on the following weeks and months to come.