Bedtime Routine

Do you have a bedtime routine with your kids?

After dinner, my kids will take their bath, brush their teeth and change to their pajamas. They get a couple of toys or draw and color. Then my son just does his wrestling match with the pillows (he always does it!). Then they drink milk and we read books together. And when the clock hits 8 o’clock i tell them it is lights off. Sometimes, I tell them stories. That is our usual bedtime routine.

When they were smaller, I learned that bedtime routines such as a warm bath, stories, music and lights off help the babies know that it is time to wind down. And after a few years, I can see that it has paid off. Though there are days they just dont want to sleep yet, most of the time, they oblige with the rules.

I am glad that the kids sleep through the night already. Kyla began sleeping through the night when we weaned her from bottle feeding around 3 years old. Toby around 2 years old when we weaned him from breastfeeding.

Have you ever wondered how much sleep does our kids need? This is what I found out from Information About Children’s Sleep For Parents and Teachers


Hours Of Sleep

0 – 2 months
10.5 – 18
2 – 12 months
14 – 15
1 – 3 years
12 – 14
3 – 5 years
11 – 13
5 – 12 years
10 – 11

Though each child has different needs, this charts shows the recommended number of sleep hours including naptime.

Mommy Moments – Sleeping Time

mommy moments

Greetings! This week’s theme is SLEEPING TIME. Here is my entry!

My little angels, Kyla and Toby.

Toby can sleep anywhere. In the car, or at my shoulders. He has learned to sleep by himself. Ever since he was weaned from breastfeeding at 22 months, he can sleep through the night. Though there are nights that he just wakes up and asks for his milk (he drinks milk from the cup) or needs mommy to embrace him so he can go back to sleep.

Kyla always sleeps in this position. Ever since she was a baby until now. When she turned 4, she let go of her bottle and can now sleep through the night and sleep by herself.

Our night time routine includes a bath then playing (for Toby) and writing or projects (for Kyla). Lights out is around 8-830pm. Before lights out, we usually read a couple of books together. Then we pray. For now, we all sleep in our room.

Now, its your turn! I can’t wait to hear from you.
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Why Does He Wake Up At Night?

Since having LBM last week, my little Toby has been waking up again at night and asking for milk. He wakes up either 1 or 2 times a night. He only drinks a bit of milk then goes back to sleep. He used to sleep straight already. And now, I wonder what has happened? Last night, I tried not to give him milk anymore but he just kept crying for 10 minutes. So as not to wake up Kyla, we went down and got some milk, after sipping a bit, he went back to sleep on his bed. He drinks milk from the cup already.

Have you ever experienced this? Any advice?

Nap Time?

I just want to know. Do your kids take a nap during the day? For how long?

My 4 year old doesnt take a nap anymore. She keeps herself busy with anything she can put her hands on. My 22-month old is changing his nap time. He used to take 2 naps a day. One at 1030am and another one at 3pm. Around 1 hour each. But for this past week, he has been refusing his afternoon nap. I think his body clock is changing. Though I still want him to take a nap so he can wind down a little (and i could rest a bit too). I think I should make him take his nap at around 12pm instead. So that he wouldnt be too tired in the late afternoon.