SmartKidz Media Library for Homeschoolers Review

As part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, we were given a full year subscription to a product of SmartKidz Media, the SmartKidz Media Library for Homeschoolers in exchange for a review. As the we are still on summer break, we looked forward to doing this review.

SmartKidz Media Review
SmartKidz Media Library is a subscription-based digital media source library for homeschoolers. It has an endless collection of over 1,000 educational videos and animated eBooks which you can stream online. It also has some interactive study guides and fine arts music. All you need is a computer or mobile device with an internet browser and a stable internet connection. It is important that your connection is at least 500 kbps (0.5 Mbps) but 1 Mbps is recommended to ensure better viewing experience. The content is streamed and not downloaded so your internet connection is important to ensure the full utilization of SmartKidz Media Library.

The collections are appropriate for the whole family. Content includes features on animal kingdom, history, science, social studies, world cultures, the fine arts, sports, and health. It is a very rich resource for homeschoolers like us who don’t have library access. It is a perfect complement to our curriculum and gives my 8 year old and 11 year old access to visual information which can’t be viewed elsewhere.

Here are some sample collections:

Animals & Wildlife Collections
Documentaries & Culture Collections
Health & Fitness
History (World War II and the Cold War)
Lifestyles & Cuisine
Travel & Adventure: World Wide Discovery Collections
Cooking Instruction
Fine Arts
Classical Music Collections
Cultural Music Collections
Cultural Music: Vol 1
Cultural Music: Vol 2
Jazz and Blues Classics Collections
Relaxation Music Collections
Mighty E-Book Collection (interactive Flash eBooks for younger kids)
Sign Language Collection
Special Needs Learning
Fun Zone

Here are some more which will eventually be added to the collections:

Action Sports
US History
Foreign Language Lessons
Living Skills

One year unlimited access costs $99.00  or you can pay monthly fee of $10.

How We Used the Product

As we were given access, we just logged in and started browsing the different categories. Since we are on summer break, I asked my children which topic they wanted to watch and we just watched from episode to the other. It was fairly easy to use as we just needed to click on which topic we were interested in and just go from one video to the other.

We watched about 3 videos a day, since one video is approximately 27 minutes in length.

What We Think of the Product

My kids and I both loved this product. It is like having your own library at home!  The information was interestingly presented and wasn’t too long to cause boredom. Each time the video ended, they still wanted to watch another video and I took that as a positive sign that the product was able to capture the interest of both boys and girls.

The favorite sections of my kids are the World of Discovery : Animal & Wildlife Collections. They saw numerous videos and learned new information. Each time we watched, we learned something new. They enjoyed the Wild Ones : The Cutest the most. They loved the clownfish, the penguin and the koala!

clownfish sea otter

Since I love traveling and world history, I thoroughly enjoyed features on World War II history. I finally understood why the war started and what really happened back then.


They also enjoyed the Fun Zone! There were different games that they enjoyed including dress up and finding the ball!

fun zone


Since my kids are school aged, we didn’t take time checking out the other sections but it seems very interesting as well. There were animated flash videos categorized according to ages.


There were also videos for parents like Baby Sign Language and parenting guides like potty training and other research materials.

baby signs


If you have children with special needs, you can browse through their numerous videos and interactive books!

special needs

A wide range of study aids is also available. Each guide contains hundreds of definitions, rules, and examples. It covers Language Arts Basics, Math Basics, Science Basics and Social Studies Basics.

I loved this product because it makes a homeschool mom’s life easy. I don’t have to search the entire Internet for these information and I can be sure that my children are safe from pop-up windows or unwanted advertisements. The videos have rich content and are quite unique! It is like visiting museums or zoos without actually leaving the house! This has really made our summer break more fun and stress free.

I would recommend that you check out SmartKidz Facebook page at and follow them at Twitter . You can also subscribe to their 14 day trial and see if you’d like this product yourself!

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SmartKidz Media Review
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