Mommy Moments – Love Song

mommy moments
It is February and it is the love month! It is also a special month for us because my daughter will be celebrating her 7th birthday very soon… and in line with our theme for today which is love songs… Here is my love song for my kids.

How about you ? Do you have a special love song for your little ones? Share it with us!


Just wanted to share this beautiful song with you on this gloomy Monday morning! Have a great week ahead! May God’s grace be with you…

Song for My Little Girl

When my eldest was born, I used to play a CD for her whenever she was about to sleep. This CD was Bless My Little Girl. The songs are filled with love and prayer from a mom’s heart. I really loved the songs on that CD. The songs were easy to remember and easy listening. My daughter even remembers the lyrics of the first song since I usually sing that song to her…

“Itty bitty baby girl, daddy’s pride, momma’s pearl”….

My little boy also knows this song since I sing it to him every now and then ( I just change the gender on the lyrics of course!)

I love all the songs but there was one song that I really love and would like to share it with you… it speaks of a mother’s dedication and prayer for her daughter…

Lord I dedicate yes I consecrate
My daughter to You
For Your purposes
For Your perfect plans
For all the things you’ll have her do
Lord I give back to You
This child You’ve given me
For she belongs to You
She’s just a loan of love
A gift from above
And I give her back to You
O Lord I give her back to You