Stress-free Christmas: A Mini-Course for Busy Moms by Mich Nicholas

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I have been given the privilege to listen to the Audio recordings of Stress-free Christmas: A Mini-Course for Busy Moms by Mich Nicholas. As an advocate of intentional living, I highly recommend that busy moms should take time to listen to the short recorded sessions as it will help reduce unnecessary stress one may experience, especially during this Christmas season. We don’t have to be slaves to the pressure of perfection or mental stress of all the events we need to go to. Let’s take a few minutes each day, and spend time listening and reflecting on what Mich is sharing.

This is the most important lesson that I learned: Do less and be more. We’ve always been focused on our to-do list, why not create a to-be list instead? Like be more loving, be more kind, be more caring, be more forgiving, be more joyful. And we can only do that through God’s grace. As we reflect on Christ this season, we spend time on what truly matters. He is the true reason for Christmas.




To listen to a free sampler, just click this link:

This product comes with:

  • 5 Audio Files (Estimated Total Running Time: 33 minutes)
  • 25 Slides with Key Points
  • 2-page Reflection Sheet

You may purchase this short course through this link: For more information, you can visit Mich’s FB page at

Photos source: Mich Nicolas