Summer Activities

Now that March is here… I know most moms are considering summer programs for their kids. If you have some budget, you might want to check out the summer activities listed by Smart Parenting. It is a comprehensive list of the different summer workshops in the area of sports, arts, culture and performing arts, culinary and academic enrichment.

Download N Go Summer Sensations

I am a new homeschooling mom and every resource I get, I try to check it out and see if it will fit our family. I was very excited to check out the Download N Go unit studies. It is authored by Amanda Bennett, a homeschooling mom who specializes in Unit Studies. Each Download N Go study has 5 daily lessons with lapbook components every day. It is a delight to use for busy moms like me since the entire lesson needs little preparation from my end. Just in case you are wondering, unit study is an in-depth study of a certain topic. It covers various details about the topic and often includes all aspect of learning while doing the study.

Summer is a fun season and there’s no better way to learn more about it than through Download N Go’s Summer Sensations. The study highlights changes that can be seen during summer, kinds of outdoor activities, weather changes, snow cones, hemisphere information, sundial and fruits during the season.

Download N Go Summer Sensations include multi-colored pages where the student can write, draw and color. It also contains several video links and articles located on the Internet pertaining to summer and the seasons. It has many activities which kids certainly will find interesting to complete. There are several fun family ideas which can help the students remember the lessons they learned more efficiently. If the parent-teacher see that there is a need to discuss the subject further, the book contains a list of book suggestions for every chapter. Aside from the activities, there are some memory verses, spelling and vocabulary challenges.

Download N Go Summer Sensations is definitely worth checking out. It has plenty of materials which surely would make the kid’s summer special and busy!

Drop by the Summer Sensations link to learn more!

Summer Class Is Over!

Kyla finished her sketching class this summer! She enjoyed her sessions and really learned a lot! She was taught how to draw portraits using pencil and using oil pastel. She also learned to sketch with foreground, background and shadows. She also was taught how to draw faces and landscape.

I am really glad that I decided to enroll her because I knew that she would enjoy it and really appreciate it as she really loves drawing. Even if it was just 5 sessions, I know it was worth the effort. She had to travel to Makati for this class. Hopefully, I will be able to post some of her artworks soon as soon as I am finished reading this article on apidexin.

Summer Days

Today we brought Kyla to her drawing class in Makati. This is her 4th session out of 5 sessions. She has been enjoying her sketching class tremendously. I can also see the improvements in her drawings too. Now, she can draw with shadows and she knows background and foreground colors too. It is a delight to see her enjoy and excel in something she likes doing! I will share some samples of her work after her graduation day and exhibit on May 22.

I can’t believe that summer is almost over too! It feels like summer just went by… What has kept me busy? I have researched on different homeschooling information and curriculum reviews. I have checked on Mesothelioma treatment and other interesting articles over the web. I have spent some days swimming with the kids on the inflatable pool. Of course, with the heat and chores waiting to be done, I just felt that summer went by too fast!
There are still some things I am looking forward to though. We will be joining the youth camp of the church next week and I am still hoping to visit La Mesa Ecopark and SM North Edsa and of course, enrolling my kids for school year 2010-2011.

Hopeful Summer Plans

Summer break has officially begun for my kids! Now, what are we going to do this summer? I hope we can get to travel to different places like museums and the beach and camp sites. I also hope we can find a drawing class or ballet class for Kyla which is located near where we live. I also hope that we would be able to do different arts and crafts here at home. Hopefully, Toby will learn to recognize all the letters of the alphabet this summer too. As for Kyla, I hope we can improve on her spelling skills so that words like spirometers wouldn’t be so hard for her to spell eventually. Lastly, I do hope that they would be able to attend Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS) too!