Art’s Cool!

Another exciting summer activity for the kids especially if you live in or near Manila.
This is Museo Pambata’s Art’s Cool!
Check it out!

Summer Workshops

I am actively looking around for summer workshops where I can enroll my kids. Last year, Kyla attended the Milo Swimming classes, this year I am still looking around for possible ideas. I saw an advertisement about Kids at Art Summer Workshop. It really looks interesting! If only, we have it here in SM Sta Rosa… Actually they will be offering one day free workshop. Check out the schedule.

  1. SM Storyland, Fairview – March 6 and March 7
  2. SM Storyland, Southmall – March 13 and March 14
  3. SM Storyland, San Lazaro – March 20 and 21
  4. SM Storyland, Marilao – March 27 and March 28
  5. SM Storyland, Batangas – April 10 and April 11
  6. SM Storyland, Cebu City – March 6

Summer Swimming Lessons Update

Kyla has finished two weeks of the Milo Swimming Lessons.

There were major improvements since my last update. Although until the end of the swimming course, she still didn’t submerge her head on the water. She only did it until half of her face! The coach said that she just needs to overcome her fear of submerging her head and she would be a good swimmer since she can swim quite a distance and can really do some flatter kicks! Anyway, I am glad that I enrolled her in Milo’s class. Even though she didn’t completely overcome her fear of submerging her head yet, I know that somehow she was able to build some confidence… and that was my goal!

This is Kyla with her coach…
This is Kyla (on the most right) with her classmates doing some leg exercise.

Kyla with her kickboard

Summer Swimming Lessons

I have enrolled Kyla in the Learn To Swim program of Milo. She has already finished 3 days of the program. So far, she can do her flutter kicks. But she still holds on to her kick board and refuses to put her head under the water. I have been talking to her and encouraging her. She has finally agreed with me today that she will do it tomorrow. I certainly hope that she will try it tomorrow.

Do you have any similar experiences? How did it get resolved? You see my little girl is hesitant to try out new things… and I really hope she overcomes her fear to put her head under the water…

Which One for Some Summer Fun ?

Now that school is over, I am on the look out for some fun summer activities for my kiddo. I’d like to know what are your plans for your kids this summer? I am still deciding whether to enroll her in an art/drawing class or swimming class or musical instruments class…. I would like to enroll her in 2 courses if possible. But due to financial constraint, I might have to choose 1 only. Do you have any suggestions?